Articles & Reports

Before I moved to Berlin in 2013, I had worked for 7 years in RESPEKT, the largest political Weekly in the Czech Republic (Head of Economics Section, Deputy Head of main News Section). Since that I do believe quality journalism – written or spoken – matters. My focus remains on:

 Czech Rep., Germany & The EU

Germany     Czech – German relationships —  Central Europe / Visegrad     Russia & Ukraine    The Balcans

cee_map2My long-term focus remains on writing and moderating events about Central European society, politics and economics. Keeping regular professional contact with my homeland, Czech Republic, I try to discover broader regional trends. I am happy to have a possibility to work in Germany, perhaps the most influential country of today’s Europe, and to analyze it’s tights towards the region. Between 2006 and 2013 I took several large reports about Europe, Russia and Ukraine and about transition of the Balcans.

European integration / EU

Central Europe within EU    EU common policies   EU policy towards Eastern Europe    Euroskepticism

The European integration has helped the Central and Eastern European countries to develop into modern democracies. Appreciating undoubtable gains of the this process, I have been focusing on national relationships towards Brussels, as well as on the influence of EU policies and politicians within the region. Because of it’s key importance I have been covering EU relationships towards Russia and Ukraine with a special interest.europawoche_augsburg
(European Week in Augsburg, Germany, 2014)

Innovations & new economics

Knowledge transfer     CSR  —  social innovations

Lately I have been focusing on politics towards new economical thinking, as well as innovative company models appearing together with the financial crisis. I stay focused on CSR and Innovators activities in the region. Berlin is said to be the European capital of startups, what offers various possibilities to keep in touch with the latest innovative trends in technologies within e-mobility, smart cities or digitalization.


German Energiewende     Innovations in Energetics / Renewables      Nuclear Energy

Czech Republic with it’s state energetics monopoly and strong nuclear lobby has been an interesting place to study relationships between companies and politics. Especially in contrast with country’s most important neighbor, Germany, proceeding the revolutionary turnaround towards renewables at the same time. Next to writing reports, I have attended various events about the topic in Germany and Brussels since the start of Energiewende.

10/10/ 2011 Praha Ceska Republika Joseph StiglitzInterviews

I am happy to have a possibility to meet outstanding personalities in my work. I made a great experience with economists, like Nobel Prize winning author Joseph Stiglitz (on the picture) or UIC’s Professor Deirdre McCloskey. I was impressed by thinking of phenomenologists like John Casti or analysts like Mycle Sneider.  Even Czech Politics, i.e. in case of agriculture tycoon and finance minister Andrej Babiš, offers some special moments for interviews. The Interview with Adrian Portman, Swiss historician living in Czech Republic, have been awarded in the Czech Journalist Prize 2014 as one of the three best interviews of the year.

Special foreign Reports

I made several special reports about topics more or less surprisingly bound to Czech Republic and Central Europe from some apart countries. I had a chance to write about illegal financing allegations of NGOs in Guinea, Africa, fascinating intelligence of critically endangered Orang Utans in Sumatra, Indonesia or cultural footprint of Czech Republic in Vietnam:

2008-2012, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia&Herzegovina: several reports on development of post-jugoslavian region, i.e. on Kosovo independence declaration; 2009, Guinea: Report about adoption on distance and hidden money streams behind; 2009, Baltic states: Reports on impact of financial crisis (especially Latvia); 2010, Ukraine: Report on presidential election in Ukraine, report on the oligarch R. Achmetov in Doneck; 2010, Great Britain: British investigation on corruption allegations in army tenders in CR; 2010, Vietnam: Visa missmanagement at the Czech embassy in Hanoi; Vietnam bounds to CR; 2010, Switzerland: Report on banking secrecy phenomenon; 2011, Indonesia: Report on the politics of the largest islamic democracy in the world, report on endangered Orang Utans, report on last matriarchy society Minangkabau; 2011, Norway: Report after terrorist attack of A. Breivik, 2012, Russia: Report on presidential election, report on key industrial region Ekaterinburg, Ural